Tufts Institute of Cosmology
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Tufts University
574 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
Telephone:617.627.5363    Fax:617.627.3878
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The Tufts Institute of Cosmology is a division of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Tufts University.Its members investigate a wide range of topics in theoretical physics and cosmology; for more information about the research, faculty, weekly seminars, or graduate studies at the Institute of Cosmology, follow the links above.For directions to the Tufts physics department, click here.
  News:9/30/19:  Postdoc Fabrizio Rompineve joins the Institute
8/28/19:  Instituteof Cosmology gets a cosmic string loop for its 30th anniversary
7/31/19:  Heling Dengreceives his doctorate
9/4/18:  Postdoc Shao-Jiang Wang joins the Institute
4/5/18:  Enrico Schiappacassereceives his doctorate
3/29/17:  Jeremy Wachterreceives his doctorate
9/1/16:  Postdocs Masaki Yamada and McCullen Sandora join the Institute
6/15/16:  We regret the passing of founding memberAllen Everett
4/29/16:  Jun Zhangreceives his doctorate
4/28/16:  Audrey Todhunter Mithani receives her doctorate
8/1/15:  Institute welcomes new Assistant Professor Mark Hertzberg
We currently have no job openings.
  Links:Thursday/Friday Cosmology Seminars
Joint MIT/Tufts Tuesday Cosmology Seminars
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Hyperspace atAEI (formerly MacCallum's List)
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