A Monument For Fred

Get better old man



So my roommates girlfriend called me and told me Fred had a stroke. That was/is scary.

I'm a little bit freaked out, I am worried about projects he was in the middle of helping me with, I am worried about senior shows he was helping people finish, but mostly I'm worried about how Fred is doing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How To

How to Dance

1. Begin by standing in a relaxed position.
2. When the music starts throw your head back.
3. Then brink your head forward.
4. You can also follow through and bend at the waist.
5. Then bring your head back once again.
6. Repeat these steps in order forprolonged dancing.

How to use a Urinal

1. Enter bathroom.
2. Choose urinal suiting height.
3. Be careful not to touch urinal!
4.Unzip pants.
5. Pee.
6. Zip up pants.
7. Exit bathroom passing sinks.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Most Recent Work

So I'm sure if anyone is reading this they have seen my piece in Moka Joka. I think the piece was successfulin the end. I had the idea for the piece before now but I had to slightly alter the idea to fit the parameters of the assignment. The piece is meant to shock less and have the reset of the sentence more easily and readily available to read. I plan on installing this piece again and I have gotten some good feed back for when that is done. I spent about two hours talking to Matt Corson-finnerty about the piece today that was quite fruitful. We understood what each other was saying but disagreed on a few points. He felt giving the word special attention was contrary to how I felt and should be dealt with differently and he felt that neon should not be a component. I think neon is necessary to show how the word is treated by everyone else, that the text around it (being in larger black if and when the piece is reproduced) are my words in an attempt to inform and diffuse the neon. I think the neon is an important attention grabber, removing it would make the piece too easily ignored.

Party in the Neon Studio

So for the most recent neon assignment some one turned the neon studio into a strip club.

Fuck Fuck Buck Buck

Explosions in the Sky

I went to see my favorite band last Friday and it was a blast. I got on the guest list because I had connections with the band that have been extended further now that I went to the show. I danced to my bodies limits and beyond and for that I was rewarded with the guitarists pick from the show. Great night, it really cleared my head.

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